Final Fantasy XVI English voice recording almost complete, development going well

It’s been quite a while since we last heard about Final Fantasy XVI, but a recent update by none other than producer Naoki Yoshida has given us hope about the ongoing development of the game.

Over the weekend, a Final Fantasy XIV stream happened, but a short update about Final Fantasy XVI was given during Naoki Yoshida’s Segment with NieR director Yoko Taro. Translated by Aitaikimochi, it was revealed that the English voice recording for the game is nearly complete, and that all scenarios are already set in stone, which bodes well for the development of the game.

Naoki Yoshida, as you would know, is beloved for his hard work in bringing Final Fantasy XIV back to prominence with stellar content and quality gameplay.

Yoshida wants to show something during Tokyo Game Show later this year, but also shares that he wants to show it when the game is ready and with a level of quality that the team is happy with, making people want to buy it instantly when they see it. He does not like putting out bits and pieces, but would rather show something that players can get excited about which they can also purchase soon after.

Late last year, we’ve gotten but a glimpse of the world and characters of Final Fantasy XVI, but the next update is hoping to show more about the battle system and some other surprise features, Aitaikimochi translates.

Naoki Yoshida and his team are also working on Final Fantasy XIV, which will see its latest expansion “Endwalker” release on November 23.

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