DokeV is the open-world Pokemon you never knew you wanted

Despite no Pokemon updates during the recently concluded Gamescom Opening Night Live, there was a particular title that might look like the open-world Pokemon you never knew you wanted.

DokeV, from Black Desert Online developers Pearl Abyss, is looking certainly like something Pokemon fans might enjoy. The focus of the adventure is on the open world where you can battle, capture, and collect monster companions called Dokebi. The biggest difference between that and Pokemon is that your human handler can also directly participate in the battles, making its real-time battles more dynamic.

Exploration is also a part of that world allowing you to ride bikes, skateboards, and float on umbrellas. Combat is real-time and contained in a limited area while your monster companions automatically battle, giving it some sort of agency. Human weapons can be switched instantaneously allowing for dynamic battles, which sounds like an MMO, but it really is not.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

Pearl Abyss initially tagged the game as an MMO but now has clarified that statement, saying that DokeV is now an open world action-adventure due to a change in direction.

Open-world action adventure not-an-MMO DokeV is slated to release worldwide for “Consoles and PC” with no release date specified yet.

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