PlayStation Showcase 2021 – 5 Games we don’t (and do) want to see

Apart from a number of small PlayStation State of Play presentations that highlighted specific upcoming titles, Sony has kept quiet for a while now leaving fans to speculate on when and what the company has in store headed into a busy Holiday season.

That changes in a couple of days as a 40-minute PlayStation Showcase is scheduled for September 9 (September 10 at 4 AM Philippines) which is set to “include updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday and beyond.”

The announcement has gotten the PS faithful excited and for good reason, because with Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War being pushed back to next year, the rest of 2021 is looking pretty dry for Sony.

While we’re expecting some big updates and maybe some big reveals during the show, there are some titles that we DON’T want to see during the presentation. Whether it’s because we’ve seen so much of it already or because we feel that other games should take center stage during the 40-minute spotlight, here are 5 games that should not make an appearance during the PlayStation Showcase 2021.

PlayStation Showcase 2021 – Games we don’t want to see


I think we’ve had enough trailers of Deathloop already, so much in fact that we feel like we’ve already played the game. There’s a big chance that Deathloop is going to be a GOTY contender because Arkane Lyon can do no wrong and showing another trailer won’t make us anymore hyped than we already are for it.

It’s only a week away anyway, so just release the game already!

Sifu / Solar Ash

I think both of these games are cool. In fact, they’re looking like possible day one purchases but apart from what we’ve already seen, it also feels like there isn’t anything else about the game that can be shown that will really blow our socks off.

New trailers will probably show more Sifu fight sequences or places to discover in Solar Ash but do we really want to see more of that in the 40-minute showcase when we could be seeing something else?

Horizon Forbidden West

Why wouldn’t we want more Horizon Forbidden West?

We just had a dedicated State of Play presentation after all, and unless there’s really something HUGE that they can show apart from a trailer that just highlights “bigger world bigger enemies”, I think we can skip Horizon Forbidden West for now especially after its recent free upgrade debacle.

Or maybe now would be a good time to wow the fanbase again?

Either way, I think I’m cool if I don’t see Aloy in the next few days.

Grand Theft Auto V

I don’t even have time to explain why this game shouldn’t take up some of that precious 40-minute real estate.

New Director’s Cut Games

The Last of Us Part II Director’s Cut, God of War Director’s Cut, Uncharted Director’s Cut… Did I miss anything?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably play any new “Director’s Cut” game that comes out between now and the PS6. I’m actually pretty excited for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but of course I would also love to see totally new games, and I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way.

Speaking of games that we do want to see at the PlayStation Showcase 2021, here’s a short list of titles that would certainly make the 40-minute showcase really shine:

  • The next God of War – It could be too early to pull a gameplay reveal (or not), but at least maybe a cinematic trailer that’s more than just the logo.
  • Final Fantasy XVI – It’s been a while and if there’s a show that can put the spotlight on it, this is it.
  • Forspoken – It’s also been a while, so let’s see something here as well.
  • Something from Bluepoint (Metal Gear Solid Remake?) and maybe even the acquisition announcement.
  • Spider-Man 2 reveal, because why the hell not.

Catch the PlayStation Showcase 2021 over at the official PlayStation YouTube and Twitch channels on September 9 (September 10 at 4 AM Philippines).

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