Marvel’s Avengers finally adding Spider-Man later this year

Following the recent update for Marvel’s Avengers that saw the War for Wakanda expansion finally bring the Black Panther, Square Enix has confirmed that Spider-Man will finally be making his way into the game later this year.

As detailed in a new update from Crystal Dynamic Studio Head Scot Amos, a content roadmap for the rest of 2021 was unveiled and with it, upcoming events including its very first raid where players will get to battle it out with Klaw in an all-new mode.

marvel's avengers 2021 content roadmap

Of course, the biggest news here is the addition of Spider-Man, the highly controversial character that was made a PlayStation exclusive. While there are no exact dates and no details yet on what the Spider-Man update will bring, it will certainly be a welcome addition to the game.

Other updates for the rest of 2021 include a bunch of reworked systems, including tweaks to resources and gear upgrading, along with returning events, community activities, and much more.

Will you be checking out Marvel’s Avengers again when Spider-Man comes swinging along?

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