Marvel’s Wolverine for the PS5 will be a full-sized game with a mature tone

Fans of superhero games were surely treated to a surprise during the PlayStation Showcase as not only Spider-Man 2 was revealed but also a certain adamantium-laced “bub” in Wolverine.

While happy at the announcement, fans were quick to point out some things about the upcoming game and wished that it wouldn’t be a short “expandalone” like Miles Morales and that it would properly represent the violence and tone that suits the character. It seems that there should be nothing to worry about.

The source? Creative Director Brian Horton himself.

When asked whether the game will be big or a “miles morales” sized game, Horton answered with 4 simple words that will surely make fans look forward to the game. Horton mentioned that the upcoming game will be a full-sized game that will have a mature tone. Whether the mature tone relates to a Mature 18+ rating has yet to be specified, but things are at least looking promising.

Brian Horton was also Creative Director for Miles Morales, which was another outstanding effort from Insomniac Games. It’s quite the modern-day miracle to see that this studio can pump out several console-defining exclusives within the first few years of the PS5, and both Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine will certainly be a couple of fantastic additions to the list.

Marvel’s Wolverine will make its way to the PlayStation 5 with an unspecified release date.

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