Halo Infinite Campaign Overview Trailer Unveiled

After a simple and casual announcement that has the whole West Coast waking up at 6 AM, Microsoft and 343 have finally unveiled the much-awaited campaign overview of Halo Infinite that’s set to release on December 8.

Enough talk for now, check out the trailer below!

The campaign overview trailer shows quite a lot during its 6-minute runtime but more importantly, how much of a destructive force Master Chief remains to be, all while looking cool in the process.

Halo purists may find the shift to an open-world quite the jarring experience, so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

One thing is for sure though, there won’t be any Craig memes here.

Halo Infinite will launch on December 8 for the Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC, with a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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