Sony introduces Game Trials, try games before you buy them on PS5

Gaming in this day and time isn’t cheap, and with multiple titles coming out every month, trying something before you plop down your cash is something that can help make an informed purchase.

Sony has introduced Game Trials, where gamers can try out some select titles before making a purchase, essentially a timed demo. The program is currently live in limited territories and the first 2 games on the list are Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure for the PlayStation 5, which gamers can try out for 6 hours and 5 hours, respectively.

Emails, an example of which was shared by Twitter user @_wotta, were sent out by Sony inviting users to try out Game Trials but there’s a tricky part in the fine print that says “Trial period starts from the time you click “Download Trial” via console or “add to library” via web”.

That restriction, quite frankly, is not ideal, as locations with faster internet connections will be able to enjoy more of the game more than others. With a multitude of games going over the 50-100GB mark like Call of Duty, the trial may be up for most players without even getting to actually play the game.

Since it is a new program by Sony, we’ll have to wait and see how this applies to the wider market, especially in areas with slower connections. While Game Trials could be a great initiative, some things still clearly need work.

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