Triple-A Marvel MMO Reportedly In The Works from DCUO Devs

The Marvel video game lineup is looking very impressive as of late and with the likes of Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine incoming, fans have much to look forward to. It seems that an MMO might be part of that lineup according to a financial report that was recently released.

Enad Global 7, or EG7, is the company behind DC Universe Online and Everquest, among other titles. Their Q3 financial report shows a lot of information, but none more interesting than an unannounced AAA MMORPG that can be seen on slide 17.

unannounced marvel mmo 1

As spotted by Twitter user Miller, this project is being developed by Dimensional Ink Studios from Austin, TX and is led by Jack Emmert, who designed and led City of Heroes as well as DC Universe Online. This title was apparently cancelled in 2018 but was seemingly revived and has also appeared in the recent GeForce Now leak.

Based on Dimensional Ink’s website, there’s indeed a space reserved for the unannounced project.

There’s currently no other detail that gives away how the game plays or when we can expect it, but seeing as it appears under the “Longer-term” section of the presentation, it would be safe to assume that it would take a while before we see or hear anything about it.

MMO’s take quite the commitment from companies to get right, as evidenced by Final Fantasy XIV’s rough road to redemption and more recently, Amazon’s latest effort, New World. Slapping a Marvel IP on a genre might seem to be a sure way to gather attention, but we’re hoping something good comes out of this.

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