Filipino Studio Pixel Mafia Worked On Apex Legends With Respawn Entertainment

The Philippines is no stranger to games development, and a lot of our local talent has worked on very high-profile projects throughout the years. It is certainly something to be proud of, and one studio has been pushing the boundaries, paving the way for the Philippines to take part in the world stage.

Pixel Mafia has announced that they’ve been working with Respawn Entertainment on one of the biggest FPS games in the market today, Apex Legends. A recent post on their Facebook Page shares their gratitude to Respawn for being a “phenomenal partner,” giving them support and creative freedom to do what they do best.

pixel mafia apex legends

In case you don’t know who Pixel Mafia are, they are a studio based in the Philippines with a stable of world-class talent that has worked on some of the biggest triple AAA titles in the game industry such as Diablo II: Resurrection, Cyberpunk 2077, and Halo Infinite.

Apex Legends will soon have their latest limited-time collection event called “Raiders”, and will feature the return of the fan-favorite Winter Express limited-time mode, in addition to Legendary cosmetics and a new heirloom.

You can learn more about Pixel Mafia and their work through their official website.

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