5 PC Exclusives That Need A Console Port

As an indie enthusiast, I often find myself gravitating towards the offerings on the Xbox and Switch to scratch the itch. The PlayStation does have its moments, but sometimes they are few and far between.

And then we have indies that are PC exclusives.

If I really want to explore the limitless library of indies, nothing beats taking the master race route. The Steam Deck will definitely change the way PC exclusives and games are often played, or you could also dump a chunk of change on a gaming laptop.

Many of these amazing PC exclusives travel by word of mouth or through the Steam rating system. I wouldn’t have known about The Legend of Tianding if it wasn’t for its Steam ratings being overwhelmingly positive, which turned out to be one of the freshest platformers of 2021.

There are times when PC players will beg for a port of some console exclusives but it also works the other way around, and we’re here to beg for a number of games that we wish would be ported to consoles sooner rather than later!

Five PC Exclusives That Need A Console Port


Out of the PC exclusive titles in this list, this is probably the biggest surprise for just about everyone. Wildermyth really flew under the radar until the Game Awards and despite its visuals (it does have a charm to it), it is a tabletop RPG fan’s dream come true There is a plan for a Nintendo Switch port in the future, but don’t hold your breath any time soon.

Darkest Dungeon 2

For the uninitiated, Darkest Dungeon is a Lovecraftian roguelite turn-based RPG. You play as a new owner to an estate plagued by haunted areas brought over by a portal in the depths of its darkest dungeon. If you thought anything from Shin Megami Tensei was tough, Darkest Dungeon will test your mettle as an RPG aficionado.

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this sequel for a while. Its predecessor had a console release in the past, so hopefully, we can expect one in the future as well for this current PC exclusive.


Valheim is probably is the most popular one out of these 5 games by far. For a small price of admission, it has created a strong community around the survival nature of its genre, reaching millions of players riding in on the hype. Hopefully, by the time it receives a console port, the hype hasn’t died down.


Inscryption is a deck-building psychological horror along the lines of Slay the Spire and Fights in Tight Spaces. As of one of 2021’s indie darlings that’s currently a PC exclusive, Inscryption has enjoyed cult status and we’re hoping that it’s only a matter of time because similar games have been ported over to consoles, giving everyone a chance to play what is certainly one of the best games of the past year.

Book of Travels

This one is personally the most intriguing and probably the least likely to be ported over to the consoles. Book of Travels is a tiny MMORPG where the focus of the game is in its exploration and storytelling as you traverse through its beautiful hand-painted landscapes. At the moment, its developer is running into some logistical issues and a middling concurrent player base. It’s a shame because of the potential this game has and hopefully, it hangs on long enough to consider a console release.

Do any of these titles catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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