PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Concept LEGO Sets Could Become A Reality With Your Support

There’s a LEGO set for almost anything out there right now, even a beloved replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System, but the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft don’t have counterparts yet. Someone else decided to build one, and with enough support, it could become a reality.

BrickinNick, a creative LEGO builder, decided to spend a LOT of his time creating not just a PlayStation 5 but also an Xbox Series X LEGO set and the results are absolutely amazing!

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Concept LEGO Sets

You can view the videos of the project below, and BrickinNick points out that it took him around 80 hours to build the PlayStation 5 (23+ hours for the DualSense and 50+ hours for the Console), and it is as accurate as can be. From the curves to the ports on the back up to the controller, this is certainly a set that will capture the eyes of many collectors out there.

BrickinNick spent considerably less time with the Xbox Series X due to its rather straightforward shape, but the results are equally as impressive.

BrickinNick shares that these ideas are just concepts and he needs help to make these into a reality through the LEGO ideas program, which you can see through the following links – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

There are a ton of different LEGO ideas out there, but this will certainly be a must-buy for console gaming fans out there if it indeed becomes a reality.

We already want one! Of each!

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