Elden Ring Speedrunner Beats The Game In 36 Minutes

After breaching the sub-1 hour mark for Elden Ring speedruns just a few days ago, another speedrunner by the name of Distortion2 has now brought down the record time to around half an hour. 36:20, to be exact.

Distortion2 is a Dark Souls speedrunning veteran that has now come to conquer The Lands Between, currently holding what is believed to be the fastest time yet. Since this is an Any% run, which only requires getting to the credits by any means necessary, much of the content of the game has been skipped. This doesn’t make the run any less impressive though, as we see him masterfully killing bosses with the help of the ultra-powerful Hoarfrost Stomp.

The run could definitely be faster considering he had a bit of trouble with the Godskin Duo, but he shrugged it off and proceeded to dissect tough bosses such as Malekith and Radagon. Overall, it is very impressive and it would be interesting to see how the community reacts in the next few days on how to get the time even lower.

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30 minutes? That’s how much time we need to get out of the character creation screen.

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