Elden Ring Speedrunner Goes On A Legendary Run To Beat All 165 Bosses In Under 10 Hours

Elden Ring Speedrunners zipping past the entire game in under 7 minutes is the latest craze these days which is a sight to see. Some content creators find it more exciting to go with another form of speedrunning and that’s beating all bosses in the game. There are 165 total bosses in Elden Ring, some being harder than others, and while beating the game is an achievement in itself, beating ALL of the bosses is another thing.

Streamer LilAggy challenged himself to do just that and over the weekend, has made another mark in Elden Ring history by beating the game in under 10 hours (9:47:14 to be exact) and killing all bosses in the game including all caves and catacombs.

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LilAggy used a primarily INT-based build that abuses the strength of the Sword of Night and Flame to wreck almost every boss. Before getting the weapon though, it’s the good old Hoarfrost Stomp that does the trick. Of course, it would be worth noting that LilAggy was almost two-shotting some bosses due to being over-leveled because of killing every boss in the game, so this is to be expected. He also glitches some of the bosses like Morgott to kill them easily but again, this is to be expected since it is a speedrun after all.

What’s truly impressive here is actually tracking down all of the bosses in the game, and that alone is worth celebrating. You can view the amazing feat below:

Coincidentally, LilAggy is also the same guy who seemingly had the world’s first under 1-hour run of the game, which was done prior to the discovery of the zip glitch. Maybe he plans to do a level 1 run of all bosses next time?

What do you think of this Elden Ring all bosses speedrun?

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