Sojourn, Overwatch 2’s New Hero, Packs A Rapid-Fire Rail Gun

Blizzard has taken the lid off of Overwatch 2′s newest hero, Sojourn, with an action-packed gameplay trailer that gives fans a taste of what’s to come.

Sojourn packs a rapid-fire Rail Gun and is able to slide into enemy formation to disrupt advances. Using her mobility, she can easily zip into the backlines and create havoc with her Disruptor Shot to slow and deal damage.

Check out the full gameplay trailer below:

Overwatch 2 – Sojourn Ability Kit

Check out Sojourn’s full ability kit below:

Rail Gun
Primary Fire: Rapid-firing projectiles that generate energy on impact
Secondary Fire: High-impact shot that consumes stored energy

Power Slide
Ground slide that can cancel into a high jump

Disruptor Shot
Launch an energy shot that slow and deals damage to enemies within it

Ultimate: Overclock
Railgun energy auto-charges for a short duration and charged shots pierce enemies

Blizzard has also released a trailer detailing Sojourn’s origins, telling the story of Canadian special forces member Vivian Chase.

You can check out the full origin story trailer below:

A PC beta for Overwatch 2 is scheduled for April 26 and will give players a closer look at 5v5 gameplay, new maps, a new mode called “Push”, hero reworks, a new ping system, and the newest hero Sojourn.

Are you looking forward to Overwatch 2?

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