Diablo Immortal has Reportedly Made $24 Million in Just Two Weeks

Diablo Immortal is shrugging off its controversial release and low Metacritic user score as it has reportedly earned over $24 million in microtransactions in just two weeks.

The report comes from AppMagic (via PCGamesN), who shared information about how the app performed in terms of microtransactions. The United States and South Korea have spent the most on the app, tallying 43% and 23% respectively

In terms of downloads, Diablo Immortal has been downloaded over 8.5 million times over the same time period, with the United States and South Korea making up 26% and 11% of total downloads respectively.

These numbers are massive for Blizzard, even in the midst of controversy, pointing out its predatory microtransactions that can somehow cost players over $100,000 to max out one character.

While spending is definitely optional, competitive players who aim to rise to the top of the leaderboards will have to shell out some cash to obtain some of the best items in the game. On the other hand, players can still enjoy the abundance of activities in the game without spending, and the content that can be found in the game is certainly worthy of praise.

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diablo immortal shadow victory

Diablo Immortal is now available worldwide, while the Asia Pacific region will get its own dedicated servers starting on June 22.

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