Uniqlo Is Celebrating 35 Years Of Final Fantasy With 16 Themed T-Shirts

Final Fantasy is celebrating its 35th year anniversary this year and to commemorate the occasion, Uniqlo has come up with themed designs that will make fans of the series want to collect them all.

For each entry in the series, Uniqlo has come up with a design that will speak to fans of the series. The FFIII shirt has the designs of the jobs from the game, FFVI has the iconic Magitek walking scene from the intro, FFVIII has the Squall / Gunblade design… There’s even a shirt for the upcoming FF16 game already!

This is a literal Final Fantasy fan’s dream come true, and while some designs leave a lot to be desired, the shirts from Uniqlo are very comfortable and wearable, so it shouldn’t be a problem to pair up with other pieces of apparel.

Uniqlo x Final Fantasy T-Shirt Designs

You can view all of the designs below:

Here’s the official description of the collaboration:

In celebration of its 35th anniversary in 2022, designs featuring 16 titles from the globally acclaimed series are now available. Since the first title’s 1987 release, this series has been highly acclaimed for its cutting-edge graphics, unique worldviews, and rich storylines. The character designs and visuals that make up the world of FINAL FANTASY are featured in this limited-edition T-shirt collection that can only be found at UNIQLO.

The shirts are now available in some markets like Vietnam so it might only be a matter of time before it makes it to the Philippines. It would be safe to assume that pricing will be similar to other themed releases (PHP699-799) and while there’s no official news yet on local availability and pricing, keep checking the Uniqlo Philippines Facebook page for more updates.

Which of the designs do you like the best?

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