FromSoftware’s Next Game in ‘Final Stages’ of Development, Hiring up for new Projects

FromSoftware President Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that his next game is already in the final stages of development.

A new interview from the Japanese website 4Gamer spills new details about the upcoming title, saying that since their previous interview back in 2018, the game in question is already in its final stages.

While the game is still unannounced, there is speculation that the upcoming title is a new entry in the Armored Core series, which was the topic of an alleged survey early this year.

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armored core fromsoftware

Further in the interview, Miyazaki also shares that he is already working on his next title where he will serve as director again. He teases a little bit, saying that he would like to work on something more “abstract fantasy,” so it would be interesting to see what this turns out to be.

FromSoftware has been extremely busy, and with all the ongoing patches and updates for Elden Ring, the company has several other directors that are working on other games but Miyazaki points out that he cannot share any details about the said projects yet. They are staffing up for these new projects, so we’ll have to wait for a bit more until the team is comfortable with announcing the new titles.

You can see the hiring announcement from the Tweet below:

What would you wish FromSoftware’s next game would be?

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