New The Last of Us Part I Leaks Show Gameplay Footage and Various Settings and Controls

The Last of Us Part I isn’t scheduled to launch until September 2, but massive leaks have popped up on social media, this time around showing gameplay, controls, and much more.

Nick Baker from XboxEra took to Twitter to post a series of leaked images and gameplay footage, enough to make an informed opinion about the game and whether potential customers would want to purchase it or not.

While The Last of Us Part I does indeed look very good, social media has been abuzz with the apparent lack of “gameplay improvements.” Players assumed that the game would include features from TLOU2 like prone, but Naughty Dog nor Sony have not detailed any of these said improvements yet.

There are some improvements in The Last of Us Part I that bring it closer to TLOU2, such as the little flourishes during the workbench animation, which is a nice touch.

Other improvements shown on via the leaked images are the graphic modes and additional options, which can be seen below.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you have not played the game yet, it would be best to stay away from the said leaks. For players thinking about making an informed purchase and don’t mind taking a peek, you can view all of the images and footage below.

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