The Last of Us Part I Features and Gameplay Detailed in Extensive Official Trailer

Sony and Naughty Dog have published an extensive trailer showing the features and gameplay improvements made to The Last of Us Part I.

The trailer comes just a couple of days after the massive leaks, and this official deep dive into the game explains a lot of the things that Naughty Dog has done to bring it much closer to their original vision.

The walkthrough goes into detail about the AI improvements of the enemies and even your buddies to simulate real-life actions. Additions like the DualSense features and use of 3D audio were also shown, further immersing the players in the experience.

Parts of the trailer also showcases the graphical improvements, which is unquestionably fantastic, making the game look much more impressive. Character models, the amount of physics objects available in every scene, and much more have been improved thanks to the capable hardware.

The Last of Us Part I will also be adding a Permadeath mode along with a speed run mode and a whole host of unlockables like a model viewer and various outfits for both Ellie and Joel. Similar to TLOU2, accessibility has also been improved by leaps and bounds to lower the barrier of entry for players.

Do you think all of these additional features and improvements merit the remake?

The Last of Us Part I will be available on September 2 for the PS5.

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