Days Gone Movie Reportedly in the Works From Sony

Sony is doubling down on its movie efforts, and this time, Days Gone is getting the big screen treatment.

As reported by Deadline, Sony is developing a movie based on the 2019 title from Bend Studio, with Sheldon Turner (X-Men: First Class) taking the helm as director and produced by Vendetta Productions and PlayStation Productions.

The lead role of Deacon St. John is being eyed for Sam Heughan, famously known for his role on the TV show Outlanders. The Days Gone film is said to be a “love ballad to motorcycle movies; the bike being Deacon’s sole form of transportation, his horse in this would-be modern-day western.”

Days Gone is a story of survival, as Deacon St. John fights against hordes of zombies called Freakers, all while searching for Sarah, who he thought died in an encounter but eventually turned out to be alive.

The game was released to lukewarm reviews, citing bugs and gameplay that could be smoothened out, but gained favor from the players throughout the years as it was improved by Bend Studio, becoming a favorite and eventually released on the PC.


In other PlayStation Productions news, Director Chad Stahelski of the planned Ghost of Tsushima movie wants a full Japanese cast for the project and fully subtitled, with Sony on board the idea.

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