Diablo Immortal Mini Update Dares Players to Conquer the Fractured Plane

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that a new Diablo Immortal mini update is now live, presenting players with the addition of new events and legendary class items to collect.

One of the newest additions is The Fractured Plane, an unexplored 15-floor gauntlet inhabited by the fiercest minions from Hell. Starting the event will provide characters with a set of pre-selected skills for your class, making your way through the area and picking up any unstable gear and Chaos Coins along the way. All gear gained will vanish after the run is over.

diablo immortal the fractured plane

You can exchange Chaos Coins for new items or Shards of Fortune at the Chaos Broker. These shards will increase your Fortune Rating, providing a greater chance of receiving higher-quality Legendary items from chests on each floor.

If you’re resourceful enough to make it to the fifteenth floor without dying more than five times, you’ll receive a reward. Out of all the Legendary items you’ve encountered during your run, select six, and out of those six, you will be rewarded one at random for you to carry out of the Fractured Plane.

Other events that are part of the Diablo Immortal mini update are as follows:

  • Echo of the Immortal – now available until September 14, this is a repeatable game mode that will be available for players who are at least Level 40 to showcase their PvP prowess in a Challenge of the Immortal-style battle.
  • Into the Dark Wood – now available until August 31, players receive various rewards by completing Into the Dark Wood daily tasks.
  • Hungering Moon – starting August 26 – 29, earn Moonslivers and trade them for various random rewards.
diablo immortal into the dark wood event

A Spawn of Damnation Cosmetic Set will also be made available to purchase from the in-game shop.

diablo immortal spawn of damnation cosmetic set

For a full list of Diablo Immortal fixes and the aforementioned legendary items, check out the official Diablo Immortal website post.

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