Dynasty Warriors: Overlords now Available for Mobile Devices in the Philippines

VNG Philippines has announced that Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now available for iOS and Android mobile devices in the Philippines.

This game features hack and slash gameplay adapted from Dynasty Warrior 7 and Dynasty Warrior 7: Extreme Legends. The seventh series is notably famous for its balanced gameplay and a complete lineup of Generals.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords will present various systems that were first introduced into the Dynasty Warriors series, such as the Synergy Musou Skill and various upgrades and customizations that will strengthen and glamorize the appearance of your heroic Generals in battle.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords also boast a variety of interesting modes. Currently, there are 8 PVE modes, namely: Blossom, Storm, Lightning, Combined War, BOSS War – Beast, Army Advisor Activities, Fighter Skills, and Great Competition.

In order to welcome the launch of Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, VNG Philippines has various in-game events in store for players. You can follow the Extraordinary SR Diao Chan by doing the first top-up, the Legendary SSR Guan Yu by logging in every day, and also the 50x General Recruit Prize which you can get on the first day of server opening, Daily Sign-In, Special Prizes and many more.

Download the game through THIS LINK.

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