RuneScape 3: 300 Million Account Celebration

After being on the scene for over 21 years, bringing players quest after quest and many hours of fun, RuneScape is celebrating its 300 million account milestone! With Jagex celebrating their success in the form of the ‘300M Account Party’ hosted by Party Pete, we thought we’d provide some insight. So, we’re here to inform you of all the fun that is to be had and the events that will take place.

But, before we get into the fun-filled celebration, make sure you’re ready for anything in-game by stocking up your inventory and bank. Why not visit and get an amazing deal on RS3 gold? Now, let’s get into the event itself and all that is to be gained!

Getting Things Started

To begin the fun, make your way to the Grand Exchange; this is where the party is being hosted. Once you make your way there, find Party Pete, he will then provide you with your free 300M Keepsake Glasses. Don’t get too excited just yet, though; there is work to be done!

Party Pete has long been our event host, though he made a few errors this time, and you will need to help him out. In an effort to make the party perfect, Pete made the mistake of overdoing it with his balloon decorations. This resulted in balloon fragments being scattered throughout the land, leading to your first job of the event.

Save The Party

You will first be tasked with helping Pete to collect the balloon fragments from his party mishap. In order to find these fragments, play the game as you would. When you earn XP for your usual quests and gameplay, you will also earn balloon fragments. Additionally, you will be awarded balloon fragments whenever you use a Treasure Hunter key.

For every 200 fragments you collect and return to Party Pete, he will gift you a special balloon that is filled with rewards; these rewards can range from GP to exclusive event items and more.

Balloon Rewards

RuneScape 3 300 Million Account Celebration Prizes

The color of the balloon Pete awards you will determine the rarity of the rewards inside, white being the first, followed by blue, purple, and gold. Gold balloons feature a guarantee of either 300M GP or a token for one of the Platinum Armor cosmetic sets.

Each day you can also claim a free bonus balloon from Party Pete, increasing your chances of finding a much-needed gold balloon.


Here, we have compiled a list of the potential rewards available in the balloons:

  • Platinum Pernix Armor
  • Torva Armor
  • Virtus Cosmetic Armor
  • Party T-shirts
  • Party Title Scroll
  • 25K-5M GP (300M in Gold Balloons)
  • Boogie Bow
  • Disco Outfit items
  • Cool Disco Outfit Items
  • Super Disco Outfit Items
  • Conga Dance Token
  • Party Fever Token
  • XP Lamps
  • Party Food
  • Oddments

Unfortunately for iron man players, certain rewards such as XP Lamps and the 300M balloon reward will not be available. However, in their favor, some items like the Conga Dance token and others can be bought via the Grand Exchange! Keep these facts in mind when entering into the party celebration, so you know exactly what you’re in for.

Don’t forget, though, that this event won’t last forever! So make sure to hit the grind and acquire all you can before September 4th, plenty of time to get the party underway and build your bank and inventory.

Double XP Event

RuneScape 3 300 Million Account Celebration Double XP

To add another epic benefit to this event, you can double your XP gains while you’re skilling and collecting fragments! From August 12th to August 22nd, players can grab double XP. In addition, you will have access to a 48-hour timer that you can pause and play throughout this 10-day event at will. If you also don’t wish to use all of your double XP time, you can trade an hour to receive a credit that can be used with Nic the Trader.

Do keep in mind, however, that the double XP event only grants double to pay-to-play members, but don’t worry if you’re using a free-to-play account; there is still extra XP to be had! Players that are F2P will receive a 20% increase in XP during the event.

This concludes our article on the RuneScape 300 Million Accounts party celebration! We hope you have a fantastic time maneuvering through the events of this RuneScape adventure, and that our guide has provided you with the needed insight for a flawless gaming event!

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