Far Cry 6 – Tips to help you liberate Yara

Planning a vacation? May we suggest Yara? Its got stunning views, clear waters, lots of activities to try out, and an evil empire to topple. Sounds like the perfect recipe for Far Cry 6, the latest installment in the long-running series from Ubisoft.

Far Cry 6 will have everyone out for Anton Castillo’s head, but he isn’t going down without a fight so you’ll need to prepare yourself before you can liberate Yara.

Series veterans will surely know what to expect from the game but for newcomers, here are some tips that will ensure your victory against Castillo’s evil empire.

Far Cry 6 Tips to help liberate Yara

Use your phone often to tag enemies

far cry 6 tips use your phone

Before you jump straight into a fight you may not survive, it is always a wise decision to survey the area, see what you’re up against, and plan accordingly. You may have your Amigos and Supremos, but facing off against 20 armed guards is always a sure way to load the game again.

Tagging your enemies in Far Cry 6 has obvious benefits for all players. Apart from being able to know and see where your enemies are at all times, you can also find out their weaknesses and their choice of weapons against trespassers, which makes for crucial information that will help you prepare for the upcoming fight.

If you love the stealthy approach, use Suppressors

far cry 6 tips suppressor

Not everything can be solved by brute force and more often than not, it is better to sneak in undetected and kill off everyone without them even knowing you were there.

There’s an option in Far Cry 6 to sneak in and perform a Machete Kill when you’re near an unsuspecting enemy, but for times when you want to strike at a distance, it is important to equip a suppressor so that your firearm doesn’t give away your location. With a well-placed headshot, you can pop enemy soldiers from afar, saving you the headache of sneaking around.

Pair this with armor-piercing rounds so even with helmets, those enemy soldiers won’t stand a chance.

Turn off Adaptive Triggers

far cry 6 tips adaptive triggers

The DualSense is a great controller with some killer features, and while the adaptive triggers often add a certain level of immersion to the experience, I personally find its implementation in Far Cry 6 a bit irritating.

Aiming down sights and firing have a level of resistance to them but for me, it just adds a layer of unnecessary challenge as the implementation seems heavier than normal. I would suggest turning this off, but you can also choose not to if that’s your thing.

Turn on Item and Enemy outlines

This might sound like a cheap trick but there’s actually an option in Far Cry 6 that allows you to do so. In that case, why not?

Turning on Item and Enemy outlines will make these things more visible as you explore Yara, making them easier to spot, giving you an immediate advantage.

This is especially useful for crafting materials, as they can get pretty expensive in the later parts of the game, so finding all of those pick-ups will prove very useful.

Disable alarms whenever you can

far cry 6 tips disable alarms

Outposts are usually outfitted with security cameras and alarms that can easily turn the tide of battle against you. There’s never a scenario where you want to face off against more enemies than usual, so you’ll need every advantage you can get.

Keep an eye out for these alarm systems and make turning them off your first priority whenever possible. This will take away the ability of the enemy to call for reinforcements, making fights a little bit easier in your favor.

Keep an eye out for these containers

There are many items of interest in Yara, but these are probably the things you will want to look out for the most.

These caches contain either an armor piece, a weapon, or some very important upgrade ingredients, all of which will help you greatly in your quest to liberate Yara from Castillo. Search for these and upgrade your arsenal so you can even out the odds.

Find keys / keycards to open locked doors

far cry 6 locked doors

Scattered around Yara are locked doors that require a key to open. These are usually located inside enemy-infested areas and opening them will lead to valuable treasure and items that will surely be of help to your cause.

The keys to these locked doors are usually hidden somewhere in the area as well, so explore every nook and cranny until you get one so that you can loot the enemy of their precious resources to aid the revolution.

Mods are your key to victory

far cry 6 mods

Mods are very useful in Far Cry 6, giving you certain upgrades that can mean the difference between life and death.

For your firearms, mods can add certain effects like silencing your gunshots or lowering the recoil while firing. Other mods will also improve the scope and even give you a different ammo type to deal with various enemies.

Always ensure that your mods are upgraded but be warned, higher leveled mods don’t come cheap, so be sure to pick up those crafting items whenever you can!

Dispatch of Helicopters with your Supremo

far cry 6 helicopters

Attack helicopters are a pain to deal with in Far Cry 6, they take too many bullets to destroy and will seriously hinder your ability to explore the world or finish a mission.

An easy and almost sure-fire way to deal with them is using your Supremo rocket launcher, which will easily track and take them out of the sky, ensuring you have one less headache to deal with.

Build Camp Facilities asap

far cry 6 camp facilities

Once you reach a certain point in Far Cry 6, you’ll be offered to build Camp Facilities, which will give you certain upgrades depending on what facility you choose. One facility will offer to show hideout locations for more fast travel spots and another will offer you food that can give you helpful buffs.

They don’t come cheap, so make sure you’ve been picking up those resources along the way!

Don’t forget to regularly do Bandido Operations

far cry 6 bandido operations

Later in the game, you’ll also be offered to do Bandido Operations, which are basically time-gated missions where you can send people from your group to do an operation for a reward, which is usually money or some resources. This is a great way to earn both, so when you have time to do them, don’t hesitate to approach the NPC and claim those rewards!

With these Far Cry 6 tips, your time in Yara will prove to be a fruitful one and you’ll have enough know-how to take the fight to Anton Castillo and lead the revolution.

Far Cry 6 is now available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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