Open World Iron Man Game From ‘Just Cause’ Devs was Canceled by Marvel

A recent interview has just revealed that Avalanche Studios, the developer behind Just Cause, was working on an open world Iron Man game until it was canceled by Marvel back in 2012.

The interview, conducted by MinnMax‘s Ben Hanson, spoke to Avalanche Studios co-founder Christofer Sundberg and revealed that there was indeed an Iron Man game that had been in development for about two years before it was canned.

Sundberg mentioned a number of factors that led to the demise of the project, citing “company politics.” Because of a shortened timeline, hiring enough manpower to take on the project would have been a daunting task, saying that it “would’ve broken the studio completely.”

An open world Iron Man game would have been an interesting prospect, because the Just Cause games already have a good base to work with, especially with the flying mechanics. Sundberg said that the game would have allowed players to fly anywhere and even use the trademark repulsor gloves during combat, punching enemies through walls.

Despite the lack of a proper Iron Man game, there’s no shortage of Marvel games on the horizon, especially with Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine currently in development.

For the full 6-minute interview, check out the video below:

Would you have wanted an Iron Man game?

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