Forspoken 10-minute Gameplay Trailer Showcases Acrobatic Moves and Magic-infused Combat

Square Enix has released a new 10-minute trailer for Forspoken, showing a good chunk of gameplay that features a number of combat and traversal scenes.

In the trailer, the Cipal settlement was shown, and it is a key location in the game where Frey can rest and take quests from various characters. It quickly jumps to a showcase of traversal and parkour, which Frey can do effortlessly.

Most importantly, the combat shown gives players a good look at what to expect from Forspoken. Frey can learn a variety of powers ranging from support to combat magic that can be used in combination with each other to dispose of threats.

Frankly, this trailer looks to show off the game in a better light than the previous ones. The action here looks fast-paced and the combat mechanics are intriguing, which could finally convince some interested players out there to give the game a try.

Forspoken is now scheduled to release on January 24, 2023 for the PS5 and PC after a brief delay.

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