Secret 6 Weaves Their Magic yet Again for The Last of Us Part I

Naughty Dog titles are always impressive, thanks in large part to their extreme attention to detail and their impressive visual quality. The studio works with third parties that are equally as talented, and one of those is our very own Manila-based studio, Secret 6, who are once again credited for their amazing work on The Last of Us Part I.

The game is once again setting the bar for quality and Secret 6 is right in the thick of things, employing a fairly large dev team to work on the latest PlayStation Studios release. You can actually see everyone who worked on the project on the credits roll once you beat the game!

secret 6 the last of us part i credits

This is not the first time Secret 6 has worked with Naughty Dog, as they’ve been very good partners with the studio from way back, also working on the critically-acclaimed The Last of Us Part II.

The team at Secret 6 has also worked on the likes of Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk 2077, and recently just launched their very own FPS game – Project Xandata – on early access.

the last of us part I ellie bow

The Last of Us Part I is scheduled to release on September 2, 2022 for the PS5.

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