Suikoden Trademark Renewed by Konami

Just ahead of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which is scheduled to run from September 15–19, Konami has filed a trademark renewal for Suikoden.

The filing, which was made a couple of months ago at the IMPI, was issued by Konami for Suikoden and has been making the rounds over the past few days. While it could mean nothing and just a simple renewal, the filing comes suspiciously ahead of TGS 2022 where Konami is said to announce a new title from a series that is “loved all over the world.”

One connection to be made as well is that Yuji Kaji, who voices Jowy from Suikoden 2, will be a guest during the said announcement. This, of course, doesn’t mean anything at all, but fans are definitely hoping for an announcement related to the series during TGS2022.

suikoden trademark renewal

Suikoden is a beloved series from Konami that hasn’t seen the light of day in this time of remasters and remakes, and it would certainly be a treat to see it spring back to life in one way or the other. In any case, we won’t have to wait too long as TGS 2022 is right around the corner.

In other Konami-related news, several Metal Gear Solid games are being remastered and are “100% true” claims a reputable leaker.

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