Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Launching on November 24

Singapore-based publisher Soft Source Publishing has announced the release of the epic role-playing adventure Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory for the PS5 on November 24, 2022, in Asia.

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory combines both Flames of Rebellion and Sins of an Empire together with loads of new content. Players can find seven additional playable characters that are unlocked depending on the choices they make. New bosses, more branching paths, and secrets await!

Here’s an overview of the game:

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory has an intense battle system where you control up to four characters at the same time. One second your Exemplars are slashing a manticore and the next you’re commanding your team to block right before a magic spell hits to reflect it back at your foes!

In between battles, you make split-second decisions to rule Fenumia that change how the game’s story unfolds. Will you raid an innocent village for a strength buff? Or stand up to a warmongering governor instead of resurrecting a fallen party member? Each choice you make bestows a different power-up and permanently changes the world.

Embark on a personal journey with Princess Cecille and an enigmatic talking grimoire to restore glory to your crumbling home in Sins of an Empire. Or travel through a ravaged continent with Legatus Laendur in Flames of Rebellion and rally support to take back what the empire took from you.

Explore gorgeous, hand-drawn lands inhabited by rival soldiers and ferocious dragons. Fight enemy hordes with a team of living weapons and master devastating combo attacks to defeat challenging bosses with Fallen Legion’s deep combat system. Rule your empire between fierce battles, make difficult decisions, and witness the consequences of your choices. Will you blackmail a prince to gain a strength buff or tax a starving village to revive one of your characters?

Control up to four characters simultaneously, master devastating combos, and counter enemy attacks with a well-timed block in Fallen Legion’s unique battle system.

See how your story unfolds as every split-second choice changes your Empire and the story’s events
you see.

fallen legion rise to glory key art

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory is coming to the PS5 on November 24, 2022, in Asia

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