EA Sports FC Mobile Unveiled, Vini Jr. Tapped as Cover Athlete

EA has announced EA Sports FC Mobile, which is scheduled to release on September 26 for mobile devices.

Real Madrid winger Vini Jr. will make his debut as the first-ever cover star, and fans will experience his authentic running style, brought to life in-game through True Player Personality, accentuated by revised Impact Controls that will let players take command of the pitch to show off their own playmaking skills.

“I’m excited to be featured as the cover star for EA Sports FC Mobile and look forward to sharing this excitement with fans worldwide,” said Vini Jr. “Football is more than just a sport, and to play a part in inviting more people into this celebration is a dream.”

Here are some of the features that players can look forward to:

  • True Player Personality: The world’s most recognizable players come to life with True Player Personality. Authentic running styles, penalty kick stances and celebrations for certain players, all bring EA SPORTS FC MOBILE to a new level of authenticity.
  • Dynamic Game Speed: Mobile-first and tactile game speed, allowing for more player personality and attribute impact on the pitch.
  • Elite Shooting System: Revamped shooting system allows impact players to show up on the scoresheet and make their mark. Feel rewarded when you make smart shooting decisions both inside and outside the box, on a cross, or off the volley. Take control of your favorite attackers and rally your team to victory.
  • Impact Controls: 
    • Power Shot: Unleash a high-powered shot that leaves keepers clawing at air. Load up your shot when you’re in space to harness the full potential of Power Shot. Balance the risk and reward of the Power Shot to devastate your opponent and take the lead.
    • Knock On Dribble: Bring your pacey dribblers to top speed faster by knocking the ball ahead into space. Take advantage of your opponent’s high defensive back-line by having your rapid attackers push ahead in a fluid manner. Dribbling with true speedsters takes on a whole new feeling.
    • Hard Tackle: Make your presence felt and assert dominance in defense and midfield by launching a crunching stand tackle. Separate your opponent’s attackers from the ball or make a last-ditch block with new Hard Tackles.
ea sports fc mobile vini jr.

Existing mobile players are invited to become an FC Mobile Founder before the game launches through the current app, without the need to re-download. Players who participate in the Founders event from August 24 – September 26, 2023, will obtain FC Mobile Founder status to unlock benefits including special in-game player items for EA Sports FC Mobile at launch.

ea sports fc mobile founder

EA Sports FC Mobile, which is scheduled to release on September 26 for mobile devices.

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