Gameplay Footage from Hideo Kojima’s ‘Overdose’ Game has Seemingly Leaked

Footage of Hideo Kojima’s next game, rumored to be a project called “Overdose,” has seemingly leaked, with over 2 minutes of gameplay making the rounds on social media.

As reported by Insider Gaming, the said video in question shows Death Stranding’s Margaret Qualley (Mama) roaming around in a dark and confined space using a flashlight. The leaked footage is being recorded externally via a mobile phone, hence the shoddy quality of the video, but the main source seems to have been a pre-recorded one uploaded online.

Toward the end of the video, we see the line “GAMEOVER” followed by ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’… ‘OVERDOSE’. The existence of this sequence seemingly confirms the reports from June.

We won’t be embedding the video here, so browse it at your own risk.

Are you intrigued about Kojima’s next project?

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