Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War – Top 3 Commons per Color in Limited Draft

The new Brothers’ War Draft events are full-steam ahead in MTG Arena, and it can always be a bit overwhelming whenever we have to sift the chaff from the trash 1 week in from a set release. Here’s a quick peek into which commons have been performing well since then.

Mythics and Rares have always been easy to assess, and in Brothers’ War, most of the Uncommons are of good quality (every gold Uncommon signpost is good for its color-pair), but the Commons are where the drafting battles will commence.

Here’s what we think are the Top 3 Commons per Color in Limited Draft in Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War!

Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War – Top 3 Commons per Color in Limited Draft

White – Disenchant, Loran’s Escape, Prison Sentence

White’s archetypes are mostly all on the aggro side, but its top 3 commons are there for dealing with everything else or clearing the way for your attackers in Brothers’ War.

Disenchant is main-deckable in the Brothers’ War draft with the sheer amount of Artifacts in use.

Loran’s Escape is one of those cards that are very annoying to play against, but you’ll thank yourself for drafting it and causing all manner of disruption for your hapless opponent for only W.

Prison Sentence is a Pacifism, but with Scry 2 – even with a lot of removal for enchantments, it’s still really good in shutting down both attackers and blockers.

Blue – Stern Lesson, Weakstone’s Subjugation, Wing Commando

Blue is a bit weak as a base color in general, but it combines with other colors well as a support color.

Stern Lesson is a must for the UR Prowess and UB deck archetypes and is still serviceable in any other pairing.

Weakstone’s Subjugation is great removal for a small cost since most of your opponents’ creatures are going to be tapping to attack you anyway.

Wing Commando is great in any Aggro deck with its Flying/Prowess combo posing a steady clock for your opponent’s life total.

Black – Overwhelming Remorse, Emergency Weld, Goring Warplow

Black’s archetypes are leaning towards defensive and midrange-y strategies in Brothers’ War, making use of the graveyard and sacrifice effects.

Overwhelming Remorse is great fire-and-forget removal, especially for targets with Unearth.

Emergency Weld gives an extra blocker/sac fodder while making a downed threat available again.

Goring Warplow is one of the better Prototype creatures even as a Common, and it’s got stellar value whether Prototyped or full-costed.

Red – Excavation Explosion, Unleash Shell, Penregon Strongbull

Red is full-on aggro in this set; its top commons reflect that.

Excavation Explosion is a sorcery, but it deals 3 damage to any target, and that’s top-shelf versatility.

Unleash Shell is this set’s perennial 5-mana 5-damage anti-creature red spell… except it’s an instant, and deals 2 to face.

Penregon Strongbull is a great beater that can make use of all those excess Powerstones you may have lying around.

Green – Argothian Opportunist, Shoot Down, Boulderbranch Golem

Green also seems to be a tad weak, with ramp payoffs not being plentiful or impactful enough. Still, it’s got great pieces to support its color pairs, or go over the top with big green goons.

Argothian Opportunist is a 2G 3/2, which is usually meh, but it comes with a tapped Powerstone, which gets you to your larger fatties faster.

Shoot Down may cost a lot at 3G, but it’s preem removal in BRO, where strong Artifacts abound (especially with the inclusion of Retro Artifacts in Draft and Sealed).

Boulderbranch Golem is probably my pick for the best Prototype creature in the set, as its stats-to-cost ratio is super good, and helps stabilize you when in the backfoot.

Honorable Mentions – Scrapwork Rager, Scrapwork Mutt, Scrapwork Cohort

Last are a batch of honorable mentions – a mini-set of sorts that all feature the returning mechanic, Unearth, which lets you return (not cast!) a permanent from the graveyard for one last hurrah. These three unearth-able Scrapworks all give some benefit, and they’re no less useful the second time around.

Scrapwork Rager – draw a card, twice! Perfect for any deck with Black.

Scrapwork Mutt – loot two times, fits great with the BR Sacrifice archetype.

Scrapwork Cohort – 4 bodies for the price of 2! Good with White Aggro, particularly the UW and RW variants.

What do you think of our list of the Top 3 Commons per Color in Limited Draft in Magic: The Gathering The Brothers’ War?

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