Here are some handy dandy Jessie approved tips when playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Mild Spoilers)

We’ve played through the game and have thoroughly and absolutely enjoyed every minute of this epic title. We’d love to help you out on your own journey through Midgar so we’ve collected a few tips that will make even Jessie give you that thumbs up.

Before we get down to it, let us remind you that there will be spoilers here, whether in context or otherwise. While the remake is based off of the PS1 classic, there are certain plot points here that make it quite the new experience.

Let’s start!

  • Since the first installment is centered around Midgar, you’ll get to explore areas that you didn’t get a chance to back during the PS1 game. Midgar is HUGE and you may get lost if you don’t use the Map and the Mini-map properly, since there are multiple pathways and road branches that may not lead you to your destination.

    You can show the minimap by pressing L2 twice. Hidden in the Systems menu of the game is the ability to change how the mini-map works. Go to System > Options > Gamepeplay > Change the Minimap from Static to Dynamic, depending on your preference.
  • The music in the game is phenomenal. The official OST hasn’t been released just yet but while playing the game, let yourself get lost in the musical tracks that ooze perfection.
    Take time to appreciate the music by buying new music at jukeboxes and shops. Item Shops and Vending Machines usually sell songs and NPCs can give you songs for free too!
  • Chadley, while having a very sketchy name, is a very important character in the game and will be key if you want to collect all the Materia. Check back with him often to find out ways on obtaining that elusive Materia that you’ve been looking for!
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake borrowed some battle control features from Final Fantasy XV, most noticeably having the Skill or Item Shortcut by pressing L1 and an action button of your choice.
  • Speaking of controls, don’t forget to block during game by pressing R1! This is crucial in the tougher boss fights and dying is a real thing if you do not play smart. Pressing it at the perfect moment grant you certain action bonuses and learning how to do this will give you tactical advantage over much stronger foes.
  • It doesn’t have to be said but do not miss out loot capsules and chests scattered around the map! They contain valuable resource items that you’ll surely need as you battle your way throughout Midgar.

    Certain loot show specific colors that give players the idea of what maybe inside it. Purple Glow means Equipment; Green Glow means there are Consumables inside; Yellow means Gil or other items
  • Tired of transferring your Materia one by one to a new weapon? Simply equip it the new weapon and voila, all your Materia will be transferred to the new one!

Still here? Again, spoilers abound so continue at your own risk!

  • At a certain point in the game, you won’t be able to go back for anything else so make sure to complete everything before then! Of course, we won’t say what part it is, so you’ll have to find out on your own.
    There will be a few side quests available, which range from fetch to engagement quests, so you may want to return to these before finishing the game.
  • There’s an option for Fast Travel later in the game but it comes at a measly fee of 300 Gil. Why? Because you get to ride Chocobos, that’s why!
    You’ll unlock this feature later in the game, so don’t worry about missing out!
  • Smash Shinra anytime you see one, but most particularly near Vending Machines before buying anything. This will save you much needed Gil in the process during the early game.

    While playing, we popped and used Ethers to regain our MP, realizing that there might be MP replenishment chances inside Shinra boxes. Play it smart!
  • When you get access to playing Whack-a-box, you can easily get a Moogle Medalion as your participation prize by simply playing it!
  • The game has a “New Game+” option, which lets you replay the game with all the stuff you got from your first playthrough but on a higher difficulty. Use this opportunity to replay or finish some quests you may have missed.

    There will also be some new unlockable items during this new mode, so don’t be shy to repeat the game!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is both a masterpiece and a labor of love. While most of the gamers who played the OG game will find the remake a precursor to the actual major events in the game, it is a glorious recreation of everything we love about Final Fantasy 7, even though this is just within Midgar.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is scheduled to release on April 10 and you can pre-load the game already if you purchased the title via the PSN store.


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