One Piece Odyssey Will Take About 30 Hours to Complete the Main Story, Switch Version Currently not Planned

One Piece Odyssey is the latest adventure from the immensely famous Straw Hats and will be a full-fledged RPG, a far cry from previous installments. Being an RPG that will focus on a new storyline that is not considered canon, players can expect a new adventure that will take numerous hours to finish.

Speaking to us (via a translator) during the Thailand Game Show 2022, Producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki shares that the main story of One Piece Odyssey will take around 30 hours to complete, more than enough to satisfy fans and newcomers looking for an RPG experience since the previous One Piece titles have been beat-em-ups or fighting-based outings.

It wouldn’t really be a complete RPG experience without side-quests that will allow you to talk to the townspeople or go out hunting for bounties, so players will be treated to around 20-30 more hours of activities to fully complete the game. This will balloon the playtime to around 50-60 hours depending on playstyle.

After the main story, One Piece Odyssey will provide the players with even harder missions to go through, aimed to be very challenging that will require teamwork and tactics to conquer.

Additionally, Tsuzuki mentions that at the moment, the team has already chosen the most appropriate hardware to showcase the game and is hard at work prioritizing the experience for the current versions of the game. That said, if the reception to the game is good and there is enough demand, a Switch version will surely be considered.

While it is not the ideal response, especially considering how popular both Nintendo’s hybrid console and the One Piece IP are in Japan, it is at least a positive sign that a Switch version is not totally out of the question.

one piece odyssey katsuaki tsuzuki interview thailand game show 2022

One Piece Odyssey will be released on January 12, 2023, for the PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series, while the Steam version will launch on January 13.

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