SEGA Reveals Like a Dragon: Ishin! Replayability Features

SEGA has released new details for Like a Dragon: Ishin!, detailing the many ways players can collect materials and acquire skills to power up Ryoma, the game’s protagonist.

Ryoma has 4 combat stances in Like a Dragon: Ishin!, and each will see the use of swords and firearms that will require upgrading and enhancing to take out the more difficult foes in the game. There are many replayable activities in Like a Dragon: Ishin! that will reward Ryoma with materials to power himself up.

Here’s an overview of the various ways Ryoma collects materials and upgrades his equipment in Like a Dragon: Ishin!:

Training: Training Under Masters
As you progress through the story, you will encounter various masters who can help Ryoma
enhance his abilities. There are masters for each battle style, and you can learn new techniques by training under them, so make sure to follow their guidance.

Gunman Style Master: William Bradley
For example, you can meet William Bradley, a Gunman Style Master, in Rakugai.
Through his training, you can acquire various abilities and special moves and learn how to wield special elemental ammo. William fires his guns extremely quickly, so make sure to keep an eye on them when battling him.

Training: Mini-Games
Scarecrow Chateau
This is a mini-game where you try to achieve the target score within the time limit and combat style restrictions. Various scarecrows pop up out of the ground and destroying them awards points based on their type. Rewards for this minigame include valuable weapon materials and Books of Revelations that allow you to learn new skills.

Cannon Coaching
This mini-game can be played in either Swordsman or Gunman combat styles. You must time your attacks perfectly to destroy flying cannonballs. When your score reaches a certain level, your rating will increase from bronze to silver to gold. Achieving a gold rating will unlock the next difficulty level, and achieving a silver rating or higher will grant weapon materials. You can replay the minigame several times to gather certain materials.

Wanted Men: Battles with Dangerous Ruffians
Received from Kyo’s neighborhood watch, these missions will task you to take down various scoundrels who are causing trouble. The requests will have written descriptions of the suspect’s appearance and location. Use these clues to track them down. Some requests will make you face off against formidable foes, and others will have you capture the target in chase battles. As a reward for completing them, you can receive gold, Books of Revelations, and more. There are fierce enemies who can use Heat Actions or wield elemental blades, so make sure to proceed with the utmost caution.

Battle Dungeons
Battle Dungeons are part of a secret mission given to the Shinsengumi by the government. There are several stages for these dungeons, like “Bandits’ Cave” and “Bandits’ Mine”. Among them are traps with flying spears and devices that can open doors. In addition to defeating formidable foes in the deepest parts of the lair, some missions require you to recover 1000-ryo boxes or rescue kidnapped villagers. You will receive money for completing these missions. You can also keep anything you find in pots or crates within the dungeons, as well
as any weapons or materials dropped by enemies. Materials can be easily found in Battle Dungeons, so they are a great resource for crafting and enhancing weapons.

Battle Dungeon Battles and Bosses Lurking in the Deepest Lairs
Battle Dungeons require different strategies from the main story. Some missions feature large numbers of enemies, and some have enemies that all wield guns. Bosses lurk in the deepest parts of the lairs. Some of them have sturdy armor and wield weapons with elemental attributes like fire or thunder. Make sure to prepare before facing them.
On certain missions, bosses with gargantuan physiques will be waiting for your arrival.
These foes have powerful close-range attacks, and if you stray too far away from them, they will launch arrows at you with brute force. It’s crucial to approach them with caution.
Enhance Ryoma’s abilities, weapons, and troopers, and then challenge them.

Enjoy Intense Battles at the Arena
Fierce fighters from all over the country gather and compete every day at the arena. There are two tournament formats: Knockout Match, a mode where you fight five opponents one by one, and Hundred-Man Beatdown, a showdown against 100 combatants. Winning at the arena will grant prize money and Arena Points, which can be exchanged for prizes like weapons or items. Among these prizes are valuable, hard-to-obtain items, so make sure to actively participate in the arena.

One-on-One Battles
Knockout Match:
Consecutive, one-on-one battles against five opponents. There are several different types of Knockout Matches. In addition to swords and firearms, some powerful enemies will wield mysterious weapons. Defeated foes may drop materials for weapon crafting.

A nonstop battle against 100 fighters
Hundred-Man Beatdown:
A nonstop battle against 100 fighters. In this mode, defeating more enemies will grant you more prize money and Arena Points. You cannot change your battle style once the match begins, so choose your best style before taking on the challenge.

Special Bosses in the Main Story Wield Powerful Abilities
Bosses and Special Abilities
In “Like a Dragon: Ishin!”, some of the bosses in the main story have unique special abilities. When facing them, it’s important to acquire various techniques, craft and enhance weapons, and prepare accordingly.

Okada Izo’s Special Ability:
Okada Izo can generate tornados by swinging his sword. If you are struck by these, you will be poisoned and take additional damage over time. Being poisoned will also prevent you from running, making you more vulnerable to Izo’s attacks. He makes a stance before unleashing the tornados, so use this to your advantage.

Tokugawa Yoshinobu’s special ability:
Tokugawa Yoshinobu has a piercing flame ability that attacks in a straight line. Even if you are at a distance from him, take care not to get hit by it. If you are struck by this ability, you will take heavy damage and be inflicted with a burn effect. This attack cannot be guarded, so make sure to dodge it instead.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is scheduled to release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC on February 22, 2023.

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