Xbox ‘Safer Internet Day’ Celebration Headlined by Minecraft’s New Privacy-Themed Learning World

Xbox has announced that it is celebrating Safer Internet Day with the introduction of a new immersive game-based learning experience called Privacy Prodigy.

Privacy Prodigy is a continuation of the CyberSafe series from Minecraft Education and is designed to help players from ages 7-18 learn how to keep their personal data safe when they’re out in the world, whether that’s learning how to keep data protected in public places or where to store data.

This is a single-player experience that introduces young people to the concept of areas of trust, allowing them to develop the ability to identify the different types of information they need to manage and what they can share. It is available in the Minecraft Education lesson library, and alternatively, it is free in the Minecraft Marketplace for those who have the Bedrock version of the game.

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Xbox is also helping to keep gaming conversations fun and safe with Community Sift, a moderation platform that has a team of language and culture specialists who understand more than 20 formal and informal languages, in addition to cultural and regional idioms.

With this effort, the company is able to help determine what is simply “gaming lingo” and what is potentially harmful content through content moderation tools that allow for safer gaming experiences.”

Xbox is committed to taking a multi-faceted approach to safety, privacy, and community health that focuses on empowering parents, children, and caregivers with the tools and education to have safer gaming experiences for the whole family.

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