Let’s Unbox the PS VR2

The PS VR2 is finally available across PlayStation authorized dealers worldwide, including the Philippines, and for those looking for a more refined VR experience to go along with the brand-new PS5, this is certainly the way to go.

The PS VR2 retails for PHP 34,790 ($550) in the Philippines, and while it is indeed more expensive than the actual PS5 console, what you’re getting here is a very impressive piece of technology for its listed price. We’re not here to do a review just yet, so let’s move on to the unboxing of the unit first, and let’s see just how much more (or less) of an improvement it is in terms of packaging and components.

You’ll be getting the following pieces when you open up the box:

  • PS VR2 Headset
  • PS VR2 Sense Controllers (Left and Right with safety straps)
  • 3.5mm Wired Earbuds
  • USB-C Cable (for controller pairing and charging)
  • Three sets of earpieces
  • Printed materials

There’s not a lot included here, and coming from the first PS VR headset, this is quite a technological feat. The first headset contained at least 3-4 sets of cables, and even a power adaptor, so you can just imagine how much of a hassle it is to set it up and take it down once done.

Without further ado, let’s check it out!

Let’s Unbox the PS VR2

First off, we have this very sleek and clean box, perfectly in line with the PS5 branding in terms of colors and aesthetics.

  • ps vr2 review 1
  • ps vr2 review 2

Next up, we have… another box! A little box-ception here, but there’s actually a purpose for this inner box, which also serves as a container for the headset and Sense Controllers when they’re not in use.

  • ps vr2 review 3
  • ps vr2 review 5
  • ps vr2 review 6
  • ps vr2 review 7

The usual reading (does anyone actually read these?) materials and the 3.5mm wired earbuds with the extra earpieces for comfort.

When attached, you can actually plug in the earbuds over at the groove on the headset to avoid dangling and getting it tangled with other items.

ps vr2 review 4

Finally, we have the main pieces.

First up, the PS VR2 Sense Controllers. We have the left and right controllers that fit in nicely with the black and white motif of the PS5. They feel sturdy but also very light, and they’re not tiring to carry at all during extended sessions.

There’s no D-pad here, and instead, we get an analog stick and a number of buttons on each controller.

Both controllers come with safety straps to avoid accidentally tossing them when the game gets a bit intense. A USB-C charging slot is also located at the bottom part of the controllers, and since they’re separate pieces, you’ll need to charge them separately as well.

  • ps vr2 review 8
  • ps vr2 review 9
  • ps vr2 review 11
  • ps vr2 review 12
  • ps vr2 review 10
  • ps vr2 review 14
  • ps vr2 review 13
  • ps vr2 review 26

Lastly, the PS VR2 Headset.

The headset simply comes with a lengthy 4.5-meter (about 15 feet) cable that connects to the PS5 USB-C slot. That’s basically it!

As expected, we get a black and white-themed headset with surprisingly lightweight parts. With a cushioned headband and a soft rubbery lining that seals your eyes from outside light, you’ll get a good fit every time.

  • ps vr2 review 15
  • ps vr2 review 16
  • ps vr2 review 17
  • ps vr2 review 22
  • ps vr2 review 21
  • ps vr2 review 18
  • ps vr2 review 20

Lastly, the full spread.

ps vr2 review 24

Are you getting a PS VR2? Watch out for our review of it soon!

*The PS VR2 is now available across PlayStation-authorized retailers for PHP 34,790.

*The PS VR2 was unboxed thanks to a review unit provided by PlayStation Asia

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