Rediscover the World of Shiltz as ‘Seal-M’ Pre-registration Starts Today

PLAYWITH Games has announced that the MMORPG Classic, Seal-M, is set to make a big return as the pre-registration period is now open!

Starting March 9, players can check out the game through the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, and pre-registrants will receive useful in-game items such as Rachel’s tears, Opats, and 100,000 Shekels for the first 50,000 pre-registrants.

Additionally, players can also receive special rewards such as Rascal Rabbit Shoes, Top, Bottom, Hat, and even the Brown Tiger Fat Cat for every pre-registration milestone achieved.

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The return of Seal-M brings amazing graphics, enhanced gameplay, and various in-game rewards, and players can look forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new gaming friends with whom they can explore the beautiful and challenging world of Shiltz.

Players can explore vast areas, take on the upgraded combo system, and take on new content while seeing familiar faces such as the Afro Tree and Rascal Rabbit. Favorite characters such as the altruistic priest, the honorable knight, the mighty warrior, the mysterious mage, and the acrobatic jester also make their triumphant return.

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Seal-M topped the Apple App Store charts in both popularity and sales when it was first released in Taiwan in April 2022. The game is the mobile version of the beloved PC game, SEAL Online, which was released back in 2003 and remains popular today.

Players from Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, can join forces and take part in exploring the world of Shiltz with its cast of cute pets, unique costumes, and engaging couple system.

Players can find out more about the game through the following pages:

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