Microsoft Officially Launching Xbox Wireless Controller in the Philippines

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Wireless Controller is officially coming to the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia, with an expanded range to a small product lineup in Thailand and Vietnam.

The announcement comes from Asia Business Director Jeremy Hinton, saying that they have been listening to the growing clamor from Xbox fans in the region, and are extremely excited to start with this. This is the first time the wireless controllers will be officially available in these countries, so we can expect prices to possibly be set at a standard SRP and availability to be more consistent.

microsoft xbox controllers white black blue

Prior to the announcement, these accessories were only officially available in Singapore, and after the launch of PC Game Pass in the Philippines, the team is working hard to cater to the ever-growing needs of Xbox gamers in the region.

The rollout of these controllers will be happening over the course of the next few weeks and months, with timing per country differing slightly. Country-specific details will be revealed closer to the launch by Microsoft.

xbox game pass graphic

While there isn’t any word yet on other accessories or even console game pass, the effort Microsoft is showing in expanding its presence in the region is a promising sign for Xbox fans in the Philippines.

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