Tower of Fantasy 2.4 Update Adds New Simulacrum, Lan

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have revealed new details for the next major expansion of Tower of Fantasy that’s arriving on March 30.
tower of fantasy update 2.4 under the grand sea

Entitled “Under the Grand Sea,” the expansion will introduce a brand new map, simulacra, and challenges that are all part of an amazing underwater experience.

Within each of the three layers of the new map—the Grand Sea Island, Innars City, and the Dragon Breath Volcano—Wanderers will experience underwater combat, bosses, enemies, and tons of special exploration content.

A new Simulacrum, Lan, will be added during the update. With eccentric clothes and a headpiece in the shape of a fiery bird, Lan attacks with a strange umbrella that unleashes enormous amounts of energy. Along with Lan, several other simulacra await the Wanderers Under the Grand Sea.

A new boss, Haboela, a Behemoth Abyssant, weaponizes its colossal body size and lava as one of the new world bosses living in the crater of the map.

Events like the new Underwater Request Mission, where Wanderers are guided to explore the underwater world, obtain rich rewards, or team up to challenge the New Crusade Ring of Oblivion.

Tower of Fantasy is now available for iOS, Android, and PC.

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