God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus Now Available

Sony and Santa Monica Studio have announced that the New Game Plus feature for God of War Ragnarok is now available.

New Game Plus (NG+) will give players new equipment, an increased level cap, new enchantments, and much more. To access New Game Plus, players will need to beat the game first and then access the NG+ mode from the main menu.

God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus – What do you carry over?

All equipment, including the Draupnir Spear, will carry over from the previous save. Hex and Sonic Arrows will be unlocked as the story progresses, and all areas requiring those arrows or the Draupnir Spear to access will not unlock until you have reached the point in the main questline.

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God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus – New Equipment

Here are some of the new equipment you can get in God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus:

  • Armor of the Black Bear – The Armor of the Black Bear will keep Kratos bundled up against the Fimbulwinter frost even after the sled chase. Its stats focus on Strength and Defense with a perk that rewards your last-second evades with a volley of Bifröst shards. You will start NG+ with this equipped.
  • Spartan Armor – No Perk, no Stats, and locked at Power Level 1.
  • Ares Armor – The Ares Armor rewards the lucky with a chance to drop a Health Stone on hit. When you stomp the Health Stone, you also get a rage gain alongside a bigger explosion. Can be purchased for Hacksilver at Huldra Brothers’ Shop.
  • Zeus Armor – The Zeus Armor will enable the ultimate risk-reward playstyle. This set greatly increases your Melee and Runic damage, while also increasing incoming damage. Can be acquired after defeating Gná the Valkyrie Queen and completing certain Remnants of Asgard on a NG+ save.
  • Spartan Aspis – The Spartan Aspis is similar to the trusted Guardian Shield, but it has a significantly tighter Parry window. While more challenging to time, successful Parries yield a more damaging reward. Can be purchased at Huldra Brothers’ Shop with Hacksilver.
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God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus – Other features

Other inclusions of the New Game Plus in God of War Ragnarok are:

  • Increased level cap – convert all your Level 9 equipment into new ‘Plus’ versions that will provide additional levels of progression.
  • Remixed armor appearances – Can be purchased at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop and applied to any of your existing Level 9+ armor in the transmog menu.
  • New Enchantments – Purchase powerful new enchantments using Gilded Coins from converting equipment to plus versions. New enchantments can also be obtained from defeating Berserker Souls on NG+. Burdens are also available for players who want an extra challenge.
  • New Progression paths – New Skill Mod Plus, Platinum Tier Labors, and Additional Stat Gains.
  • Expanded Niflheim Arena – Alongside a selection of new enemies for you to face off against, you will now be able to play as either Kratos or Atreus and choose any of the following companion characters to fight beside you: Atreus (with Kratos), Freya, Brok, Sindri, Angrboda, Ingrid, Thor, and Thrúd.
  • Enemy adjustments – enemies like the Berserker Souls, Gna, and other special foes will have new tricks up their sleeve.
  • Black and White Render Mode
  • Skip cinematics
god of war ragnarok new game plus berserker

God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus is now available.

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