New PlayStation Handheld Reportedly in Development

Fans looking forward to a new PS Vita may be both happy and disappointed at a new report that says Sony is reportedly working on a new PlayStation Handheld device.

Insider Gaming, a website that is known to have pretty accurate reports and leaks, says that a new PlayStation handheld is in development and is codenamed “Q Lite.” It is not the Vita successor that many fans have been wanting, but instead is a device that will require a PlayStation 5.

According to the report, the Q Lite is not a cloud-streaming device, but will instead be used in connection with PlayStation’s Remote Play, which allows players to play their favorite games on other screens. The device is said to support up to 1080p and 60fps, and with that being the case, will require it to be constantly connected to the internet.

The report continues to say that early prototypes of the device look like a PS5 controller but with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen and will have adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and the usual handheld features like volume buttons, an audio input jack, and more.

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Insider Gaming reports that the PlayStation Handheld is currently in QA phase and is expected to release “before the PlayStation 5 Pro and after the Detachable Disc Drive PS5.

This report coincides with a recent tweet from Jeff Grubb, saying that he has seen “the reports about a potential Vita 2, and I would definitely scope down those expectations. I’ve only ever heard about a cloud-streaming handheld.”

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Do you think this is a smart move from Sony or should they have just made a new PS Vita 2?

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