‘Murders at Karlov Manor’ Set Brings Magic: The Gathering Back to Ravnica

Wizards of the Coast has announced that Murders at Karlov Manor, the latest Magic: The Gathering set, is now available on tabletop.

Here’s an overview of Murders at Karlov Manor:

Murders at Karlov Manor takes place in the sprawling cityscape of Ravnica. This detective-themed set evokes classic murder mystery tropes as players investigate a series of cold-blooded killings tied to a greater conspiracy. With intriguing puzzles and cryptic clues to be collected, Murders at Karlov Manor is also the first MTG set to introduce Play Boosters, a brand new way to play and experience MTG.

Case Description
A string of murders have befallen Karlov Manor, and Ravnica’s elite are the targets. As the city lies on the verge of chaos, it’ll take the best and the brightest to crack a case far more intricate than it first seems. Desperate to solve the mystery and dissolve tensions between the Guilds, the Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations enlists the brilliant and charming detective, Alquist Proft, the Ghost-Assassin, Kaya, and the young Fae, Kellan, to investigate and unveil the true killer among a colourful and iconic cast of suspects.

Clue #1: Introducing Play Boosters
First on the scene for the launch of Murders at Karlov Manor were the new Play Boosters, available for the very first time. Combining the playability of Draft Boosters with the fun pack-opening experience of Set Boosters, Play Boosters offer a rewarding blend of gameplay and collectibility. With the opportunity to pull additional Rares and Mythic Rares, these new boosters are the number one suspect for players looking to enjoy a richer Limited play experience.

The Suspects
With Ravnica’s greatest minds on the case, Murders at Karlov brings a series of new mechanics to assist players with uncovering the mystery. For players desiring an incognito approach, Disguise allows a card to be placed face down as a 2/2 colourless creature with Ward. Disguised creatures can be turned face up at any time by paying the disguise cost, unique to each card. If a creature is labelled as Suspected of a crime, it gains menace and can’t block for as long as it’s Suspected. A crucial skill for any detective, Collect Evidence involves exiling any number of cards from your graveyard with a combined mana value equal to or greater than the specified number to activate a unique effect. Finally, Murders at Karlov Manor also introduces Cases. A new spin on Enchantments, Cases offer unique conditions for players to fulfil to “solve” them, earning additional effects — and getting them closer to finding the killer!

magic the gathering murders at karlov manor new mechanics

Detective’s Arsenal
A detective mystery at its core, Murders at Karlov Manor reflects Ravnica’s opulent locations and intriguing secrets with its impressive showcase frame styles. From flashy Showcase Magnified treatments that offer a closer look at clues and suspects, to fabulous Ravnica City treatments for the idolised guild leaders, players can build elegant and stylish decks to show off to their fellow detectives.

magic the gathering murders at karlov manor new cards

Full-Art Impossible Lands can also be collected, depicting the staggering ecumenopolis of Ravnica via colour-centred cityscapes.

magic the gathering murders at karlov manor lands

For those seeking the facts, Showcase Dossiers give a concrete profile of all characters and, most crucially, suspects. Further secrets can be uncovered in the Invisible Ink Dossiers, with hidden handwritten notes scrawled across these rare cards.

magic the gathering murders at karlov manor showcase dossiers

Equally challenging to find are the Serialised Ravnica City cards available only in Collector Boosters, with their double rainbow foil highlighting the grandeur of Ravnica’s guild leaders. The stunning borderless treatment also makes a return, available in both Play and Collector Boosters.

magic the gathering murders at karlov manor serialized cards

Magic: The Gathering: Murders at Karlov Manor includes Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, Prerelease Packs, Bundles, and Gift Bundles, and is now available.

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