Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 4 Goes Live Starting May 10

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Season 4 of Battlegrounds comes to Hearthstone starting May 10, along with a new hero, new keyword Venomous, and music tour cosmetics.
hearthstone battlegrounds season 4

Here’s an overview of what players can expect fromHearthstone Battlegrounds Season 4


  • With the Festival of Legends in full swing, 58 new minions across every type have arrived in the Battlegrounds to harmonize their sound in your composition. Festivalgoers will notice a good deal of demons even bigger in size, some mechs more magnetic than ever before, and Murlocs that not only buff your board but buff your hand as well! For more on minion changes and timing, check out the blog post


  • A festival headliner you won’t want to miss, Rock Master Voone carries an Upbeat Harmony passive Hero power: at the end of every third turn, the left-most card in your hand is automatically duplicated. Keep count to make sure you optimize that free duplication!


  • Nature gets an adjustment! Minions with the keyword Poisonous will now be Venomous—a change that heavily alters gameplay strategy. Where previously Poisonous destroyed any minion it dealt damage to, Venomous will only destroy the first minion it deals damage to. 


  • Amp up your Battlegrounds experience with new cosmetics! Showcase your favorite hero’s preferred musical genre, get your photo taken with a new paparazzo bartender, and set up a brand-new Festival board. Cosmetics will be available in the Battlegrounds Battle Pass Bundle and in the Battlegrounds shop.

For the full details of Season 4, check out the Hearthstone official website.

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