Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Celebrates 3rd Global Anniversary With Spectacular Events

Square Enix and Akatsuki Inc have announced the launch of the Global version’s 3rd anniversary of Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe, also known as SaGa RS, for iOS and Android.

This mobile game invites all players to join in the festivities and will be giving out up to 63,000 free jewels that can be redeemed from the appreciation login bonus, on top of an exchange ticket for their favorite Style.

saga rs 3rd anniversary jewels

The anniversary site for the community will go live on June 8 as a token of gratitude for all the support received over the past three years. SaGa RS also has collaboration content themed around Saga Prefecture in Japan, which includes brand-new SS Styles of fan-favorite characters and a limited-time Conquest featuring the charm of Saga on the island of Kyushu.

Additionally, a Romancing Festival 3rd Anniversary special offer will also give players summons using free jewels, enabling them to collect the limited-time styles that they couldn’t get before.

The game will also have a “Wonderful Saga! Romancing Tour” that players can achieve by
conquering the map and increasing progress to 100% in order to receive jewels and event items
that can be used to exchange for the event-limited SS Armor (Saga Coat).

There will also be two sets of SS Style Summons that will be made available during the 3rd anniversary: “Romancing Festival Western Saga” and “Romancing Festival Central Saga.”

saga rs 3rd anniversary romancing tour

“SaGa RS” is a classic Japanese RPG that rose in popularity, reaching 25 million downloads worldwide.

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