Metal Slug: Awakening Pre-Registration Starts Now

Distributed by VNGGames, Metal Slug: Awakening – the latest mobile version of the legendary IP – Metal Slug licensed by SNK has officially kicked off its Pre-Registration.

Widely known for its signature arcade gameplay, Metal Slug: Awakening will surely bring back the greatest and most nostalgic memories, with multiple events and exciting rewards awaiting players.

metal gear slug awakening pre registration

Besides inheriting the classical Metal Slug gaming essence, the latest Metal Slug: Awakening also evolves its pixelated visuals to 3D refined graphics as well as restoring the memorable characters of the gameplay. With that, all commanders will be able to explore the storyline – level by level, along with the main character – Marco, revealing each of the untold mysteries.

To gear up all registered commanders for all upcoming missions, multiple rewards will be given once each milestone is achieved:

  • 800,000 registered commander – Basic Growth Pack x 1, Coin x 2,000, Respawn Coin x 1
  • 1,000,000 registered commander – Basic Growth Pack x 2, Coin x 3,000, Respawn Coin x 2
  • 2,000,000 registered commander – Eri’s Token x 2, Coin x 5,000, Military Card IV x 5
  • 3,000,000 registered commander – Eri’s Token x 3, Coin x 10,000, Military Card IV x 10

To accelerate the recruitment of commanders, gamers who have successfully invited their friend to be part of the mission will be rewarded with additional in-game prizes that facilitate stronger bonds to combat with the in-game boss.

  • 1 friend invitation : Metal Slug License Fragment x 1, Gear Oil x 50
  • 3 friends invitation : Hammer Shotgun x 1, Metal Slug License Fragment x 2, Gear Oil x 100
  • 4 friends invitation : Metal Slug License Fragment x 3, Gear Oil x 150

Aim high and win big based on milestone achievements across various regions!  

  • 100,000 Fans Page Likes: Coin x 3,000, Eri’s Token x 1
  • 200,000 Fans Page Likes: Coin x 5,000, Eri’s Token x 2
  • 300,000 Fans Page Likes: Coin x 6,000, Eri’s Token x 3

Metal Slug: Awakening has an advanced brand new Join Operation Mode that enables commanders to form their 3V3 team, maximizing their team strength with diverse Assist Skills that give stronger firepower and higher survivability.

metal gear slug awakening joint operration mode

Throughout the multiplayer Joint Operation mode, commanders could determine the most effective abilities, inclusive of DPS, Heal, and Shield, flexibly tailoring the best and strongest capability of the team.

For each Joint Operation mode, commanders would be able to obtain the highly sought-after Core. Commanders could customize the most powerful defense and attack combination, by pairing the core with the right weapon to achieve victory.

metal gear slug awakening core

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