PlayStation 5 ‘download queue bug’ no longer needs a factory reset to fix

Launch consoles almost always have birthing pains. Whether isolated incidents or widespread cases, you can be assured that these day 1 versions will have issues of some sort. One of the more frequent PlayStation 5 problems is what’s called the “Download Queue Bug”, which basically leaves your downloads in an error loop. The previous solution to this was to perform a factory reset on your system, but now, there seems to be an easier and more “official” fix coming from Sony.

The AskPlayStation Twitter account has posted a simple solution to fix the bug, which will simply require updating to the latest version, starting in safe mode, and rebuilding the database. Of course, this is still not the most ideal scenario, but it sure beats having to do a factory reset.

There are a few more problems plaguing the PlayStation 5, but it seems like a software update here and there could eventually put an end to some of these, similar to this download queue bug, so do expect more patches to come in the next few days or weeks to iron out the kinks.

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