Alleged ‘PS5 Slim’ First Look Image Has Leaked

The long-rumored PS5 Slim has not been announced nor even verified to exist, despite claims and reports from credible insiders like Tom Henderson, but it seems an image of the upcoming new model has been leaked.

A post by Andrew Marmo shows a first look at the PS5 “Slim” (CFI-2016), which was posted on the A9VG forums, and looks almost like the current PS5 model except for a few key differences. The cover plates seem to have black strips on them, but it’s quite unclear if these are indeed strips or actual breaks in the design, meaning that the current cover plates may not fit in this new model.

A couple of days ago, BwE_Dev posted about the same topic, saying that he has details about the alleged PS5 Slim, saying that it is about 5cm shorter and “not much thinner,” with 2 USB-C ports in the front, along with saying that the BD drive is less curved and there’s a weird curve in the middle with smaller vents.

The Snitch, a reliable leaker with an almost flawless record, has also posted the same image as well, quite possibly lending credence to the image.

It is not known whether this is a totally new model or the one with a detachable disc drive that Henderson has reported about, but more and more noise surrounding the upcoming hardware revision almost makes it seem that an announcement could be imminent.

Would you buy a PS5 Slim?

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