Farlight 84 Ushers a New Era of Battle Royale, Now Available on Steam

Farlight Games has announced that Farlight 84, the fast-paced free-to-play battle royale game, makes its global debut and is now available on PC via Steam.

Farlight 84 brings a new twist to the shooting genre by introducing abilities and high-mobility action to the battle royale arena. Already racking up 10 million downloads worldwide during its early access phase, the game emphasizes high mobility, player abilities, and, of course, teamwork, a huge differentiator from the usual scavenge-point-and-shoot that other battle royale games have.

The game features a diverse set of characters, each with their own unique set of abilities that offer offensive, defensive, and supportive capabilities to the squad. Players can also master a range of vehicles and futuristic gadgets, enabling them to outmaneuver opponents and get the upper hand in battles. The dynamic gameplay also includes a progression system that rewards and boosts each character’s abilities depending on how long they have survived or how dominant they are on the battlefield.

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Farlight 84 also has cross-platform play, allowing players to go against or team up with fellow “Capsulers” from other platforms. With a constantly improving matchmaking system that aims to provide optimum fairness and continuous updates and balance changes, the gameplay is not just enjoyable but also competitive for those who really seek glory.

“As a team, we continually strive for excellence, curating engaging and localized gaming experiences that resonate deeply with players. Our collaborations have brought fruitful and meaningful results, amplifying our mission to take gaming to new heights.” as stated by Nelson Woon, Senior Director of Global Publishing at FARLIGHT 84.

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Farlight 84 is now available to download on PC via Steam.

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