Ghostrunner 2 Beta Sign-ups Now Open

505 Games has announced that beta sign-ups for the highly anticipated sequel Ghostrunner 2 are now available.

Fans interested in participating in the Ghostrunner 2 closed beta and providing feedback can sign up HERE. Slots are very limited, so signing up as soon as possible is a top priority!

505 Games also announced that major news about the game will be revealed on August 21, so fans looking forward to it can tune in to the various Ghostrunner social media channels.

Here’s an overview of the game:

  • Become The Ultimate Cyber Ninja – Ghostrunner II introduces new skills, allowing players to be more creative and take on even the most demanding encounters with greater accessibility. However, enemies in Ghostrunner II behave uniquely dependent on the skills used against them, providing a fresh challenge with each encounter. The player progression system has been completely redone, providing opportunities to experiment and customize gameplay.
  • Immersive, Mind-Bending Features – Master the Cybervoid if you hope to survive. Take on challenging, new enemies as you traverse interactive environments including exploding barrels, destructible walls, helpful neutral entities, and countless improvements that keep combat exciting and fresh. Can’t get enough? Dive even deeper into the lore and plot with the new dialogue system.
  • Sounds of the Cybervoid – Save humanity in style as you decimate your opponents while listening to the captivating synthwave soundtrack featuring new music from Daniel Deluxe, We Are Magonia, Gost, Dan Terminus, and Arek Reikowski.
ghostrunner 2

Are you looking forward to Ghostrunner 2?

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